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Sterling-Hazard-and-Sancho-in-FIFA20.EA Sports

Ahead of the release of FIFA 20, the behind closed doors beta has kicked off, testing the game's new features.

The full version of the game will be released on September 27, but the beta offers specially selected players the opportunity to test the game and report back to the manufacturer, EA, if they spot any problems.

But, despite being a very secretive process, lots of leaks have already appeared online.

Usually, only minor changes will be made between now and the release of the game, but just like every new FIFA game, there are new features to look out for.

There's the new VOLTA mode - which is similar to a previous game in the series, FIFA Street. There are also updated player likenesses, animations and celebrations as well as tweaks to fan favourite game modes such as Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

So let's take a look at some of the secrets that have been revealed so far.


A leaked video online has revealed brand new player pack openings for FIFA Ultimate Team. The cut scene moves forward through a stadium tunnel, with lots of visual effects. Once at the end of the tunnel the player walks out. In the leaked video it's Isco who struts on screen and then does the worm dance. Weird flex, but ok.

In-game-graphics-for-FIFA-20.Twitter: @11M_Gustavo / EA Sports
Some player likenesses have been updated in FIFA 20, including (left to right) Alexi Sanchez, Chris Smalling, Raheem Sterling and Roberto Firmino
Player Faces

A few players have had an overhaul when it comes to their likenesses, there are more unique details on display, including more players sporting their individual tattoos in the game.

It looks like last season has taken its toll on Alexis Sanchez though, who seems to have aged ten years since FIFA 19.

It also appears that team kits haven't yet been updated on the beta, but expect each team to have their updated kit come September. Every team except Juventus that is...

Two-images-of-football-shirts-plus-Ronaldo's-faceTwitter: @HarrisonDZN / EA Sports

Juventus will be replaced by 'Piemonte Calcio' after Pro Evolution Soccer secured a partnership with the Serie A champions - which means Konami, who make Pro Evo have exclusive rights to the team name, the club crest and official kits.

The name Piemonte is nothing to do with FIFA being pied off by Juve. It's actually the area of Italy where Juventus play, Turin being the capital. Calcio is the Italian word for football.

It's a big blow to EA Sports which confirmed that Juventus players' faces and names will remain the same. So don't worry, Ronaldo will still be on the game even if he's playing in an unfamiliar kit.

Manager mode and customisation

Talking of players in unfamiliar kit, in the new game Ronaldo can now become suited and booted as a manager on the touch-line. Actually, any in-game player can.

In a leaked image, here's Lionel Messi as the new manager of, wait for it...

Newcastle United.

Weird things do happen in football, but this might be a little too far fetched.

Lionel-Messi-as-a-manager-in-FIFA-20Twitter: @cieranharper / EA Sports
Players can become managers in the new career mode. Nice trousers Leo!

You can also customise managers in career mode and we don't just mean picking a different suit like in the previous game.

Now you can be pretty outrageous, including bright pink outfits and multi-coloured beards. Imagine seeing this sort of thing in the dugout in Premier League games! Roy Hodgson, we think it's time for a makeover!

A-FIFA-20-screen-shot-from-career-mode.Twitter: @FIFABetaLeaks / EA Sports
Managers in Career Mode are getting a pretty extreme makeover this season

Not only is full customisation available for managers in Career Mode, you can also tweak the look of created players too. So expect bright boots and wild hairstyles.

Something else to mention - although not a leak from the Beta - in a recent update on the FIFA 20 website, EA announced that, for the first time ever, players will be able to play its Career Mode as female managers.

FIFA-20-screenshot.EA Sports / FIFA 20
Players can now choose to play as a female manager for the first time
Bolton Wanderers

Just like previous FIFA games, lower English leagues feature - meaning the likes of Salford City are in FIFA for the first time in League Two.

Unfortunately for fans of Bolton Wanderer's, their club is facing a difficult time off the pitch and in the game.

The League One team have resorted to playing youth players because they don't have enough money to pay senior players to play in their team.

Team-planTwitter: @Thogden / EA Sport

Obviously the game's makers are a little unsure of the team Bolton will be fielding during their financial problems, so EA has resorted to filling the gaps with 'FakePlayers', literally.

It's not clear whether the 'Fake Player' profiles will be carried over to final version of the game, but despite not actually existing, some of these fake players have pretty good stats! Maybe they could sign for Piemonte Calcio.

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