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Humiliated at an audition, Scots rappers hatched a plan to fool the music industry by reinventing themselves as a US hip-hop duo

27 June 2019

Arriving at an open audition in London, promising rappers B Production immediately got a sense that something was wrong.

The vibe just changed horribly
Gavin Bain

“We were drowning Eminems in a sea of Ushers,” said member Billy Boyd. “Everyone else was pimped out in hip-hop gear. We stood out.”

Matters took a turn for the worse when they began their audition in front of music industry A&Rs.

Gavin Bain recalled: “As soon as we started saying ‘We’re B Production’, talking in a Scottish accent, the vibe just changed horribly.”

"We could see people laughing, people smiling, Billy added. “It wasn’t a smile as in, ‘This is fantastic’, it was a smile as in ‘What the hell is this?’”.

It was a bruising but life-changing experience as the lads realised they would have to change their approach to making it big.

Billy and Gavin reinvented themselves as Californian rappers Silibil N Brains and, incredibly, managed to fool the gullible music industry into thinking they were the real deal. But as they recounted in The Great Hip Hop Hoax their extraordinary double life led them on a path to self-destruction.

A harrowing audition for B Production

The rappers recount going to London for an open audition.

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